Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ma Ma Main claims for Prompt 1b

This is the second time I have to type this cause Blogger erased EVERYTHING when I hit spell check cause the computer blocked the pop-up!!! Ahhhh!!!

Hola, Ash and Simon. Here are some of my arguments for my paper. I'll elaborate more when I write the actual paper, and of course, provide the support then as well. Here's what I got so far... Though it's a crappier version since my original was DELETED! Grrrrrrrrrr.

-Set up my pentad for D-503's "illness"... Which is going to be what I read to you guys in class yesterday.

-The One State treats imagination and soul as sicknesses because they affect how a person thinks and feels and the actions they take; Therefore, if you possess either of these, you will not be exactly like everyone else. And as we know, individuality is not an acceptable characteristic in the One State. (I think I'm going to take you advice here and incorporate the bulletin into this argument... more details later.)

-D-503 thinks his new personality and feelings are illnesses because he wants to use that as an excuse for why he broke the One State's rules. He convinces himself that he is not well and he is not in full control of his actions. This way, in his mind, he is still very loyal to the One State, because the "real" D-503 would never do anything that's not allowed. (I want to show that the nature of his sickness is a social construction moreso than a physical or mental ailment... again, details later.)

-Zamyatin created this element of the story to warn people of what could happen in Russia if totalitarianism reigned on: People would lose their freedom and feel bad for thinking and doing things they know are not bad but are not accepted in the eyes of their society. I'll read the intro and do a little more research to try and show that Zamyatin wrote this story as a reaction to the events that were taking place in Russia during that time.

-Zamyatin's argument would be effective on an audience of free-thinkers, non-communists, artists, etc. such as himself.

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Blogger Simon Says said...

I think you are headed in the right direction on this topic. One thing I would suggest is perhaps incorporating multiple pentads for comparison. Though may have a main one that you focus on most, others may provide helpful points of reference when arguing. D-503 views his "illness" one way, but how does the reader, and what is the effect?

1:25 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

bonjour tiffany!
you have some stellar m-m-main claims!
like i said in class yesterday, you may consider using the bulletin about the problems with imagination (a la prompt 3C) on pages 179-180 to illustrate why they are saying there are a piece of evidence, if you will.
i also agree with what simon says (hahahahahhaha) about multiple pentads. one of burke's main ideas is that by using different pentads, you can see the situation from different points of view, and i think that would be uber helpful here.

2:34 PM  

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