Monday, July 31, 2006


Note to classmates: I'm writing this on 2 hours of sleep after I finished moving everything out of my apartment last night. It's been a long weekend... and this might not make sense cause I'm barely able to function... I think Zamyatin made happiness the goal for the citizens of the One State because happiness is what (almost) everyone wants to achieve. The One State controls every aspect of life and believes that it will help its citizens to achieve happiness by eliminating all of their freedom, but Zamyatin tries to show that this system does not work with D-503's story, who discovers a new part of himself after meeting I-330 and begins to seek true happiness. I'm not sure if the novel would work if it were some other criterion other than happiness, because (using the examples that were given) not every wants to achieve excellence and not every wants to be a hard worker.

I don't know, that's it... my mind is dead. Sorry this was so short.


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