Tuesday, August 01, 2006

D-503 and I-330's Ideologies

D-503 and I-303's ideologies are the same in the sense that they both have certain beliefs about the One State. But, while D-503 believes that the One State is the perfect place to live, I-330 thinks the exact opposite of the One State. D-503's confusion and love for I-330 led him to stray from his original beliefs a bit; but in the end, his loyalty for the One State remained true and he was able to finish his entries for the launching of the Integral in order to let others outside of the Green Wall know how "great" the One State is. D-303 is a conformist and I-330 is a rebel. He tries to repress his emotions, she lets them flow free. He believes imagination and freedom is bad, she thinks they're good. Their loyalties lie in different places, but at least they have a common goal: happiness (even though their methods to achieve this goal may be radically different).


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