Thursday, July 13, 2006


Act: A debate on justice
Scene: The house of Cephalus, at Piraeus
Agent: Socrates and others at Cephalus' house
Agency: Dialogue
Purpose: To define justice

The pentad above is a representation of the general debate between different members of the party and Socrates on the definition of justice. Though it starts out friendly, the debate between Socrates and Thrasymachus at the end of Book 1 became more intense. Most of the dialogue that was used in the debate consisted of Socrates' cross-examination (dialectic) method of a statement that was made previously by his fellow debater. He says that this is the way to which he seeks the truth. However, the debate appeared to end without a concrete definition of justice.

I personally do not think that this situation represents utopia. True there are different interpretations of what utopia is, but I believe that an important characteristic of utopia is harmony, which the situation represented by the pentad was lacking. This is not to say that the book itself does not represent utopia, merely just this situation.


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