Monday, July 24, 2006

Thoughts on We

We is actually the first science fiction novel I've ever read, and I have to say it's surprisingly good. It's a fast, easy read and it keeps me interested. Though, sometimes I do wonder if Zamyatin has taken some kind of drug before writing. But as we briefly discussed in class, he might just be one of the few who have mixed perceptions of their senses (Synesthesia is what this condition is called, I think). Even with his sometimes off-the-wall descriptions, Zamyatin's use of imagery has the ability to paint a vivid picture of what's going on in the reader's mind. Pretty awesome. Based on the reading so far, I think that Zamyatin is trying to show the readers how horrible a society without freedom is. I think he uses D-503 as an example of how unaware an individual can be of their own situation. It seems as if he's been brainwashed by his government. He's been constantly told that the One State is soooo great and this strict, orderly lifestyle is necessary because a life with choices and freedom will only end as it did in the past, in chaos and war. His character believes that his life is great, while the readers see that the people in this society aren’t really living, only existing, because of this lack of freedom. I think We is Zamyatin's way of warning against overly-powerful governments that take away our basic freedoms. Did that even make sense? I hope so...


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