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Wh Wh Wh What's the deal with D-503

Topic 2 Main Arguments:

-D-503 intially performs the act of writing We in order to articulate the perfect society for his alien audience. This goal is mostly explicit in D's words.

-D-503's "alien audience" can be interpreted in many ways: D-503 literally means an alien society, but as Zamyatin's real audience, we can see D's words as a critique of our own "primitive" ways.

-D-503 makes many implicit and explicit assumptions about his audience that undermine his initial intention: He assumes they will be able to read We. He assumes they will want to switch lifestyles. He assumes the greatest goal in society is happiness, and that the One State (and only the One State) has the right means to achieve that goal. He assumes the audience is more primitive, as the One State is supposed to be the pinnacle of societal formation.

-D-503's involvement in the opposition to the One State calls his original intention into question.

-Though he fails to follow through with the opposition plot, his involvement highlights the reasons why people would choose not to live in the One State.

-Both D-503's alien audience and Zamyatin's intended and real audiences would be hard pressed to be fully convinced by his argument (seeing as even D questions his own beliefs).

-D-503's illocution: Follow the One State
-His audience's potential perlocution: Confusion and doubt based on the questions raised against the One State. Though this does not defeat D's argument, it surely weakens it.


Blogger Tiffany said...

"Good job", "I enjoyed that."
Just kidding!

Seriously, I think your arguments about D-503's presuppositions of the "alien" society are correct. He never dumb-down his writing, in terms of style and wording, but he also assumed that they were not as smart as the citizens in the One State... he talks down to/about them a lot. Though, it seems as if this was not done intentionally, I think it was just his naivety of the world outside of the Green Wall that had him express things in that way.

And did you ever consider what kind of authority D-503 has to be the person telling the alien society what kind of life is best for them? I know, he's the builder of the Integral and they were asked to write something to express the beauty of the One State for the first launching, but I think he takes it a step too far and is trying to push the One State's way of life onto the alien society. Was he supposed to do that? I dunno.

Hmmm... That’s all I have for you. I think everything else is pretty much great. And I'm sure, with you being you, you'll find excellent support for all the claims you made.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

"fabulous job!" "good", etc.

the only part that i didn't quite understand where you were going with it is your claim:

-D-503's involvement in the opposition to the One State calls his original intention into question.

maybe it was just weird wording (aka "bad job. i hated that") or I just didn't understand b/c i can't read your mind...but you might want to mess around with that, because the general audience (me) may not catch your drift on that one.
other than that, be sure to find quotations, duh. and.....make arguments. you know, the usual stuff you do in a paper. GOOD LUCK!

2:28 PM  

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