Thursday, August 03, 2006

Topic 3c

My topic for the paper is 3c.

Main Arguments:
· The bulletin issued by the One State demonstrates an intimate understanding by the One State of the Aristotelian model of rhetoric, as the One State attempts to use common sense and bold statements to manage their image with the citizens.
· The One State’s use of the bulletin as a rhetorical tool is persuasive to some groups and unconvincing (to say the least) to others. The hardcore supporters of the One State no doubt see the bulletin as a reaffirmation of their beliefs, while the revolutionaries would most likely be provoked further. Finally, there is a group in the middle (including D-503) who are not eager to be persuaded by the notice, but at the same time lean towards supporting the One State.
· The One State is not completely honest in its argument, and has underlying reasons for its deception, mainly the preservation of the society. I intend to explore these underlying motives and discuss whether or not they affect the persuasiveness of the bulletin.
· I will analyze how persuasive the bulletin would be to the different main characters of the book, including D-503, I-330, U, and O.


Blogger RyanG said...

Your thrid bullet seems as though it should be the ethos of the One State. You might want to write about this first before you get into the reactions. And on the reactions you might want to look at a person devoted to the One State (U) then some one in the middle (D 503) and someone on the out side (I 330). This allows you to show all three extremes and you can compair-contrast if needed.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Wei Wei Wu said...

The three groups who support oppose the bulletin, and for the group that stands in the middle... give examples and quotes from the text to prove this.. prove how D-503 changes from initially supporting the One State to doubting it...

1:20 PM  

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