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Topic 1b.


1. The soul is treated as an illness because the One State views it as such. We should question she status quo and challenge the soical construction.

2. Zamyatin knew We was not going to be well recieved, therefore he used the One State to symbolize the Writers Union. He wanted to challenge the Writers Union opinion about his book.

3. Zamyatin was also writing the book to appeal to the Soviet Union's population as a way of questioning the social construction set by the government. This may include lack of freedom, speech, and control of imigination.


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hmmm...helpful feedback, eh?
1. This is a good claim and I see where you're going with it, but maybe make it a little more specific? Like, why does the One State view the soul as an illness. How did the One State society become to view the "soul" so negatively? What about One State's view on imagination?

2. What occasion or presupposition made him challenge their opinions?

3. sounds right, although I did not read the intro.

I enjoyed your claims, good job. I mean, they were terrible! Just kidding, I mean great job! >=]. But while I was reading them, I was wondering how they all tied into one main question that your paper is going to try to answer. Also, maybe make more claims about why imagination and the soul are unacceptable (...because One State wants order? One State wants to control everything? One State believes that is how the citizens will be happiest...but actually they won't. i dunno.). Don't forget to add in Burke stuff to make the paper sound rhetorical and whatnot (which I'm sure you won't forget, but I am just typing that to give feedback). I hope this was at least a little bit helpful. Good luck on your paper, Danny! Don't forget to proofread (haha).

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