Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thoughts on Ideologies

Considering the ideologies of D-503 and I-330 leads me to the conclusion that in the beginning of We they are quite opposite, and almost at the end (not at the very end) they are quite similar. D-503 shifts from being completely pro-reason and pro-One State to uncertainty of where he should stand and an almost pro-freedom ideology (though he seems to believe that this belief of his is foolish). I-330 is steadfast in her belief that the One State is evil and that the people need to be liberated. One could make the argument that D-503 only changes his views because of his love (or infatuation) with I-330. With all of the self-questioning that D-503 does, I think he falls somewhere in the middle range: he doesn't completely support the One State, but at the same time he believes that the One State is more efficient and somewhat necessary. In my opinion, I-330 uses D-503 to suit her own ideologies, most likely because she, like the One State but opposite in their end goals, believes that the manipulation of a few is justified when it means the good of many.
I don't really have much more to say about their ideologies. But I will say that I didn't see that ending to the story coming. It definitely wasn't what I had predicted. I guess it didn't take me completely by surprise, but it definitely was not what I would have put my money on. My question is, Who succeeds in the end, the rebels or the One State?


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