Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rhetorical Reflection

This course has developed my idea of rhetoric in several helpful ways. First of all, I have found this Blog itself to be a useful creator of rhetoric and rhetorical analysis. If I had trouble understanding the novels, or just wanted another opinion on the topics assigned, I was able to get my answers here. As a forum for rhetoric itself, the Blog has shown me the power of internet discussion in the classroom setting. Second, the novels we read helped improve my general understanding of rhetorical methods employed by authors. Third, I found the rhetorical analysis theories of Burke, Booth, and Austin to be new and extremely helpful models. I feel as though I now have new tools I can apply later in other classes. Fourth, in having to write papers involving topics and methods I had not tried before, I found my capacity for new types of writing grew substantially.

Hopefully I will continue to use the experience I have gained in this course in my further studies. I have a feeling I will be using at least The Elements of Persuasion to help me write rhetorical analysis papers later on if not also having an opportunity to reference We or The Republic.


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