Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This is the first rhetoric class I’ve taken, so my understanding on this subject has definitely expanded. Actually, I did not even know what rhetoric and rhetorical analysis were. I thought maybe the class would be analyzing symbolism, characters, and whatnot. But it wasn’t. However, I did think it would help improve my writing skills…and improve my writing skills it did. I feel that I am now more organized in my writing. For example, I am cautious not to throw out random claims in paragraphs and not support them with evidence. Those handouts given in class (essay structure, using evidence, etc) were very helpful. They allowed me to pinpoint some of my bad writing habits and change them. My skills on writing persuasive introductions have also improved. I now know what kind of introductions to avoid when writing a persuasive paper. Also, this class exposed me to many rhetoric styles that have changed the way I analyze certain readings and persuasion styles. It’s interesting to know the different names of different rhetoric styles and what they are. I thought everybody’s ideas in class were interesting and they had made me look at our topics in a different, more in-depth way. This class has taught me useful knowledge and I will take it with me and apply them whenever I will have to do some sort of rhetorical analysis or write another paper.


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