Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My understanding and application of rhetoric has improved throughout this whole semester. I started out trying to figure out just what rhetorical analysis was and how to approach our first paper. My mindset was still focused on something I learned when I was in high school. From the books on rhetoric and the examples in class I was able to get a firm standing on the topic. I no longer asked “what” regarding the text, but rather “why” it was written. I feel that the blogs were an excellent way for peer to peer communication in class. By posting almost everyday I was able to better understand the areas of the book that seemed confusing. The input by others allowed me to incorporate their ideas into my thoughts. The reading we did for this class also provoked me to think critically about our society and way of thinking. I guess my expectations for this class was low, because I feel the knowledge I learned this semester will help me become a better writer. Finally, perhaps the most important part about this class was that I never felt the pressure of being judged as far as my writing was concerned. The constructive comment allowed me to get a different perspective on my writing and in turn allow me to focus on the areas I am weak at. I guess thats it, the only thing left is to turn in the paper.


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