Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I wish that I did not wait till my final year here at UT to take this course. I think that it would have been beneficial to me in the past few years. My writing has always been on the weaker side. I think this course has made me see that writing can be more that just a summary of what you know, but a means of persuasion.
Before when I would write my papers I would just write everything out, turn it in and forget about it and hope for the best. Now that I have to rewrite my papers adding and subtracting things to make it better, I see better what I was lacking or other problems there were. I always got back comments on my papers that I needed more evidence to support my topics and with the abilty revise now I feel better about my papers when I turn them in because I know that I was able to fix things.
I noticed a change recently in a debate with my friend. I usually argue in a way that was close minded and I only wanted the other person to see my point while I shot down everything the other person had to say. While I was talking I noticed that by doing so I wasnt being very persuasive and I thought to myself that I was being like Thrasymachus. This changed the way I was talking and I think that I got my point across without alienating my friends views.


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