Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I really have learned a lot in this class. The last time I took rhetoric was my frehmen year and now I'm a senior so I really had forgotten everything.

The rhetorical theories we learned by Burke, Austin and Booth were all new to me. I knew a little about Aristotle but this class went into far more detail about his rhetoric than my other class did.

I learned about the formula to writing rhetorically: claim, evidence and interpretation. Trust me if you read my first paper you wold know that I didn't know this formula existed.

I learned about the types of introductions that are useful and those that are not. Ever since I can remember I've been using the summary lead to start off my papers. I know in jr high and high school that is what they told us to use.

I also learned how to better incorporate quotes into my paper. After going over the handout about quotes it seemed like when I used these things in my paper it made it sound better. The statements that it said were good to use coming out of quotes was also helpful for my paper.

I don't really like to argue with people that much, but if I did this class has correctly shown me how to do so. It also showed me how to argue for the grade I want in a class.


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