Thursday, August 03, 2006

Promt 3c


Overall claim: the loyal citizens of the One State were convinced by the
imagination bulletin.

~Supporting claims:
• The citizens of the One State were taught that having a soul was bad
• The citizens want to be machinelike
• Everyone wants reason (the society is built on reason)
• Bulletin said that dreams will keep them awake all night
• Makes imagination sound like a nasty disease
• Makes the operation sound simple
• They want to be loyal to the One State and the Benefactor (I think I can find
evidence to back this up)
• Want to be perfect
• Think imagination will put an end to happiness

Overall claim: citizens of the One State dealing with an imagination will not be
persuaded by the bulletin

~Supporting claims:
• Don’t want to be perfect
• Want an imagination
• Don’t want to be run by the Benefactor
• Want to put an end to the One State
• Don’ think they are sick
• Don’t want to be run by reason


Blogger Rosa said...

Good Job!
I enjoyed this...
But really, I think you did a good job making a list of why you think that certain groups may or may not agree with the bulletin.
One thing that came to mind was the In group/Out group thing that Jones talked about in class. I dunno if you were going to talk about that at all since you were going to use Burkes pentad.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Nikhil said...

This is really good. What I get from it is that you are kind of writing a compare and contrast paper between loyal citizens, and those who aren't. I like that you did this because it seems like it will make for an interesting paper. You didn't really specify which rhetorical model you are going to use, but I know that you know which one--good job on the claims overall though and happy writing...

12:06 PM  

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