Thursday, August 03, 2006

Prompt 2

So I can't tell if anyone else from my group has posted yet, so here's some of the claims we came up with.

-Obviously the effectiveness of rhetoric depends largely upon the presuppositions that the audience holds. D's rhetoric would only be effective if the audience believed that the soul was bad, dreams were sickness, imagination was wrong, etc. They would also probably have to place as high an emphasis on logic, reasoning, etc.

-This is because D's logos was flawed (he went back and forth in his beliefs so much) and the ethos of the One State was kinda shady.

-D also assumes that his audience was more primitive than the One State, and this could also be false and a society similar to the One State could've been in their past already.

-The important thing though is that Zamyatin shows how implausible and inherently wrong a society like the One State is through D's inability to effectively "sell" the idea of the One State.


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