Thursday, August 03, 2006


D-503’s rhetoric is not effective. Through Austin’s speech act theory, D-503’s persuasion of the One State being the best place to live is not convincing.
D-503 is not persuasive b/c according to the speech act theory, to be effective, it must be uttered correctly, completely, and sincerely…and D-503 does not utter it in those ways.

Speech act theory says that the purpose and intention of an utterance are equally important. D-503’s action is insisting that One State is the best way to live, instead of persuading.

Performatives are only effective if uttered by authorized people. D-503 is not any kind of authorized person over people’s lives. He is just a citizen of the One State.

Whenever we interpret a speech act, we take account of its probably intention. It may seem to the aliens that D-503 intends to look down on their way of life, mocking them, and saying he is better than them. That may make them not want to take D-503 seriously.


Blogger Danny said...

From what we have read, do you think D-503 was trying to convince us that the One State should be adopted by others? When you say sincerely, I feel that he was truly trying to convince us in a way of helping us. I agree that D-503 is not a really authorized person, however doesnt he get credit for being the person to build the Integral? I really can't think of anything as far as what you might need to improve on. Good luck on the paper!!

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