Tuesday, August 08, 2006

no mo mo more blogs after this :(

ok GOOD NEWS. my blog just got erased. so now i'm re-writing it. I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok anyways, about my writing.....I know that i have learned a lot of ways to improve my writing...theoretically. But I'm not entirely sure that I am proficient at applying them. For example, I know that I need to convince the audience that I'm the person to answer the questions that are posed in the introduction, but I don't really know HOW to do that in my writing. I always think I'm supposed to say, "Why does this happen? Well just trust me, I know the answer because I'm a senior at UT and therefore I am a credible sorce."
I do think that I've improved in my use and placement of quotations in my writing, however. And I also do a more thorough job of explaining the signifcance of the quotation that I use and how it relates to my argument.
But what can you really expect after one month? I didn't think my writing would be out of this world by the end of the course, but I am glad that it improved. That's what's important afterall....according to the Learning Record Online, at least.


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