Sunday, August 06, 2006

Last blog!

I could not really say what has happened to my writing with in the span of this past four weeks. Four weeks is kind of short to really develop or even improve. I view my writing to be sufficient for the average person. Out side of the English department and in the rest of the world writing is not going to come under the same scrutiny as it does now. If I can get by in the world with the way that my writing skills are now than that will be perfectly fine by me. Any improvements within my writing I do not know of. I do not know what my best form of writing style is but I do know that it is not rhetoric. It is just something that is analyzing to me. When I want to analyze something I sure will not put it into a paper. Reflecting back I feel that any rhetoric should be changed and allowed to bend and adjust for the individual’s style. My rhetoric is very bad. Any improvements that may have occurred are only going to be seen from the eyes of some one else because I do not notice much of a difference. My understanding of this subject is still bland. Coming in rhetoric was just another way to write a paper and it was still just a paper to me; nothing too different than that of an essay for a history class and now nothing has changed. That’s all.


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