Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The ideology of D-503 and I-303 are completely different in the beginning of the book but as the book progresses, as D-503 falls in love with I-303, he begins to question his original beliefs. At first, D-503 supports the One State. He’s a proud citizen, a head architect; he’s someone who follows the rules, and does what he supposes to, and conforms to the government. He's logical and rational; at first, he thinks emotions are unhealthy for the One State. On the other hand, I-303’s character is rebellious. She doesn’t like the One State, and breaks all the rules. After D503 falls in love with I-303, she makes him question his previous beliefs about the One State. He becomes more emotional because of his infatuation with her, and knowing all the rules I-303 breaks, D503 helped her get away with it. I-303 has really changed him.


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