Tuesday, August 01, 2006


D-503 starts off as one of the normal, rule-following, loyal people of One State. He plays safe and is not a rebel at all. However, I-330 has a different first impression. She seems strange to D-503, with her very white teeth, yellow dress, and breaking of rules by consuming alcohol and tobacco. D-503 and I-330 differ most in their ideologies towards the beginning of the novel. He believes that One State was the best place to live, and that the Green Wall was a glorious protector of what existed beyond the wall. Later, he becomes very uneasy about developing a soul, which I-330 gave him. I-330 was determined to bring down One State, believing the world outside of the wall was greater. As the book progressed, their ideologies did start to share some relatedness, but still had their many differences. They differed in their degree of persistence of weakening the One State. I-330 wanted to give it her all, while D-503 didn’t. He followed her instructions, but he mostly just wanted to be with her. And when I-330 tells him of the plan of capturing the Integral to start a revolution, D-503 believes that the revolution of the One State should stay the last revolution. He still used phrases such as “for the Benefactor’s sake,” while I-330 did not want to do anything “for the Benefactor’s sake.”

Towards the end of the novel, D-503 gets a taste of the world beyond the wall. In the heat of the moment, D-503 jumps on a stone shouting that everyone should lose their minds. “The sooner the better! It is essential- I know it” (158). D-503’s action put a smile on I-330’s face. They had the same ideology at that point. Mostly though, their ideologies stood at opposite sides.


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