Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ideologies etc

I-330 and D-503 are both direct contrasts to one another. They say that opposites attract, and this is more than the case at hand here. D-503 begins very much as a conformist to the one-state, and a true believer in all that it stands for. He is very logical and strives for purpose of math and belonging to the one state. I-3303, on the other hand, believes there is something wrong about the one-state and thinks that all its rules and regulations are flawed. She is rebellious and chooses to break the one-states' rules many a time. She is the temptation that I believe D needed in order to break out of his mundane circle of math. She is the inspiration, the muse, sort of. She is pretty much the seduction to the normal. I feel that D has always had this inner knowledge in him to some degree, but just needed a little push and eye-opener for it to release. Anyone can be shown the 'other side' but few actually make the choice to give it a chance. The only similarities these two characters possess is the fact that they both break the one-state's rules and think that it is flawed. However, D only truly begins to consider doing any of that after meeting the ever so rebellious I-330. They are still on opposite ends of the spectrum however, all the way to the end. D has hesitation, after all, and I was born to rebel.


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