Tuesday, August 01, 2006


At the start of the novel I-330 and D-503 are very different in their beliefs about the One State. Although I-330 seems to agree with some of the statements made by D-503, she does so satirically, mocking the stubborn and naive beliefs of D-503. As may be observed through I-330's actions, she believes in personal freedom, individuality, privacy, and happiness. D-503, on the other hand, believes in the truth of numbers and the simplicity and organization of the One State. As the two become better acquainted, D-503 begins to find the beauty in I-330's ideology. He begins to question his "old self", and eventually becomes more like I-330 in that he begins to question (and break) the rules of the One State. A greater understanding and appreciation for that which they may not have in the One State (i.e. freedom, etc.) is achieved by both.


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