Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Throughout We, the numbers D-503 and I-330 both share some characteristics and diverge on others in terms of ideology. I-330, from the beginning of the novel, is portrayed as a subversive and potentially dangerous rebel. Though at first, her actions seem to be only slightly mischievious, it becomes clear that she has intentions for the One State of her own. D-503, starting off as a model example of a One State number, gets a chance to experience (through I-330) things he would most likely never have had a chance to. Though both numbers share a common urge to separate from the One State, they differ in terms of the degree of separation. D-503 appears curious and confused, stepping out of bounds cautiously, while I-330 already knows what she wants and manages to get the builder of the Integral to do just about everything she asks. It is almost to be expected, by his weaker ideological rebellion, that D-503 would turn on I-330 eventually (even if it meant harm to himself). His love for I-330, genuine as it may have been, was definitely not fully reciprocated. D-503 does remain, to the very end, devoted to his writing and submits to the One State, while I-330 remains just as devoted to her cause of fighting it. So, in terms of devotion to a cause, the two appear similar, but in terms of goals and intentions, they differ greatly. For a short time, the two manage to spend time together, intertwining their lives and goals, but eventually they end up chasing different ends.


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