Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I-330 believes in freedom, happiness and all the other things that come with it. She doesn’t want to live in society where everyone is programmed to think the same way, act the same way and look the same way. Her ideology is that happiness is more important than any other emotion or thing out there. She doesn’t want everyone including the aliens to live in place where they can’t feel anything. She wants everyone to be happy she didn’t care about being perfect.

D-503 believes that a state without reason will always fall. During the story he gets a soul and then he starts to see things all jumbled up and confused and he gets to experience happiness and life without the benefactor. After coming to his senses he knows that nothing can out weigh reason and he knows that there is no place like the one state. After his experience with the soul, he gets his imagination removed now he feels like a new person because he can think logically and not with his emotions.

Both D-503 and I-330 want what they think is for the best for them and everyone else. They are strongly believe in their ideologies and both act as leaders to their people. I-330 is obviously the one in charge of the Mephi and D-503 is the main builder to one of the most important technical advances by the One State. I-330’s actions and wanting to take over the One State shows her dedication to the Mephi and D-503 writing his story and wanting to spread the power of the power to aliens shows his love and dedication to the One State.


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