Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I-330 & D-503

I330 and D503 are two characters that are very different. D503 was someone who was happy in his life and loved his job and purpose in the One State. He was a perfect citizen and followed the rules. Until he met I330, who used her mystery to lure him into questioning everything he had believed in. The two are very different. I330 was a rebel and didnt care who knew it while D503 did everything by the book. The two could not have been more different. I330 smoke drank and skipped out on her duties as a citizen of the One State. Things that scared D503 but somehow leaves him wanting more. As the book progresses D503 begins to fall in love with I330 and his feelings in turn change about the One State. Zamyatin used emotion and desire to allow the change in D503. This makes sense because people respond to situations differently when they use emotion over logic. This allows for spotanaety and acting on whims and intuition.


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