Monday, August 07, 2006

Final Thoughts

Persuasion and being persuasive have always been things that I have found interesting, being myself one who interests himself in debate and such things. However I have never had any kind of Rhetoric course, and therefore my knowledge of it has always been of a shaky, rudimentary, and non-fundamental nature.

However, since taking this class, I feel like I really have a concrete grasp of the elements involved in persuasion. This includes how/what a speaker/author should present to any given audience. I also feel that I myself have grown in my capacity for persuasiveness, taking into account different peoples' presuppositions among other things. And I feel undeniably that I am a better listener to those who would persuade me in analyzing their method and discovering whether it is honest or malicious, and seeing whether there is any actual pertinant substance to their argument.

I believe also that I have progressed as a writer significantly in all areas. From introduction, to organization and leading points into one another.

overall, I feel that I have cemented the once-foreign lessons of this class permanently into my knowledge, and that I will be well served by it in the future.


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