Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Final Entry...

Until now, I have not needed to take a serious rhetoric or english course here. I tested out of it awhile ago, so my skills were a little rusty. Though the course was short and very compacted, I do feel as if I've learned some valuable lessons. My overall writing skills have improved a bit, thanks to the multiple discussings of how to write in a convincing manner, etc. I thought plato's book was a bit hard to read and not the most exciting book; but I thought that We was great. It was something that I might even have picked up on my own. I like how we explored the idea of utopia throughout the whole course and how it weaved into both of the very different readings we had. I learned alot about different persuasion styles through the teachings of burke, austin, boothe, and more. I like how we did the blogs. I felt like it was an in class discussion where we didn't have any reseravations in particpating. I think its a great idea that many classes should utilize. I'm actually surprised how much I've learned in such little time. Stuff that will benefit me to no doubt in future classes, and even life as well. I liked the learning record somewhat. I like how it was a great tool for getting feedback on your work without worrying about receiving a grade. I thought the observations part of it were neat and I liked how you could prove your grade, whether you deserved it or not. I liked learning how to argue it. I still need to work on my writing and my style in general, however, and learned that I have a lot left TO learn about it all.


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