Monday, August 07, 2006

Final Blog

I have always thought persuasion and being persuasive is a very important skill to have, especially for my major- public relations. I have always felt that my persuasion skills and knowledge were undeveloped and not firm. Some people are better at persuading, for those who aren’t, like myself - we just have to get more training. Prior to taking this course, I have taken an English/literature class. However, the focus in that course was geared more towards literature analysis rather than rhetoric and persuasion. At the same time, I have been gone for one year to Japan, I also felt that my writing skills have become worse than before. This class has helped me learned how to persuade, through knowing the elements of persuasion, and has also helped me improve my writing. Knowing the different kinds of rhetoric methods such as listening rhetoric, win-rhetoric, bargin rhetoric, etc. has helped me understand more about the speaker's intention, whether it is a honest or malicisous one, and determining whether there is any significance to the arugment. The elements of persuasion I learned in class helped me analyze rhetorically and create firm, effective arguments for my writing. Another area I improved on is my writing, or structuring and organizing my argument in the paper to make it more effective, from the introduction to the lead, and the conclusion. Also, using the blogger, my classmates and I can exchange ideas. Reading each other's blog lets me realize other views, which may be slightly different from that of mine sometimes. I think this class has helped me obtain and improve life-long invaluable skills of persuasion and writing. I think I can take what I learned in this class and apply it somewhere in the future; it will definitely come in handy.


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