Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Final blog

Well, I didn't really have that much of an understanding of rhetoric/writing to begin with so this class was sort of a catch up session for me. I learned a lot about how to persuade the audience but I think I am still struggling with basic concepts and have much more learning to do. I think the technical skills and grammar in my writing need a lot of improvement and are very big roadblocks that hinder me.

I always viewed english as a subject that would not be very appealing to me but this semester I realized how important it is to be able to communicate clearly. My perception of what rhetoric is and what it can be used for has also changed greatly. I never really thought about how the audience views the speaker and the connection between the two. The whole thing on the different types of rhetoric(listening rhetoric a, b, etc) was a huge eyeopener for me because I never realized how much of it I see in my life.

I enjoyed poking around at the concepts of utopia because I never really thought about it before and my perception of life has been shaken around a little. I think the readings were not difficult but the ideas were overwhelming to my adolescent brain. I had difficulty trying to think the concept of utopia them and even when I tried to make decisions for myself, I kept thinking how people must have debated this for centuries and my ideas are probably not original or correct.


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