Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Sorry this is late, I misread the due date. Here goes:

How to begin? I guess that one of the things that has changed most as a result of this class is my understanding of persuasive writing. From this class I have learned the importance of embedding quotes in the text to strengthen your argument by providing evidence. I have also learned how incredibly important it is to support your quotes with analysis. Before, I was under the mistaken impression that quotes were to be used to simply provide extra proof of what you had already said. I now know that quotes do not speak for themselves, and that you have to tell the reader what he should be taking from the quote. Also, I had always written my papers with the bland summary introduction. Learning the different types of introductions and why each one is good or bad was helpful for me, and I now try to begin my papers with different types. I also enjoyed learning about the different theories regarding rhetoric, such as Booth's, Aristotle's, Burke's, and Austin's. Knowing the theories makes it easier for me to dissect what the author is trying to accomplish with his rhetoric. Lastly, this class has forced me to look deeper into the readings and uncover the true motives of the author. It's been fun, and the readings have kept me entertained. I'll see you guys in class tomorrow, but have a good rest of the summer.


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