Tuesday, August 01, 2006

D and I's Ideology

It's difficult to notice any actual similarities between D and I because they are so radically different, but I do believe that they hold one fundamental similarity in their ideologies. Both D and I seem to believe that happiness is the primary motivation and the pinnacle of human existence. Although this is the premise that the entire One State is built upon, there are many ideologies of the One State that some of the citizens don't agree with, so this premise can still be seen as a thread between their two ideologies.
However, just because their ideological foundation is the same does not mean that the rest of their ideologies are constructed congruently. While they both believe that happiness is the ultimate goal, they believe in entirely different means to accomplish that end. D believes in the sacrifice of the individual (or many individuals) for the betterment of the whole; I believes in the innate sacredness of the individual. D basks in the glory and beauty of technological perfection; I abandons the life of machines to escape to the wilderness. D believes that the elimination of freedom is necessary to ensuring happiness; I holds that freedom is a necessary component of happiness.
One may declare that since they both believed that being with each other was worth it, no matter what the repercussions, they must have held similar ideologies which motivated that decision. This is probably far from the truth though. D was obviously in love with I, and this love served as the motivation for his following actions. While one could argue that I's love for D motivated her decisions as well, it could just as easily be posited that I's choice to be with D was a logical, rational, and completely calculated decision devoid of love and she simply chose him because she needed the builder of the Integral in on everything.
So yes. They are different.


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