Tuesday, August 01, 2006

D-503/ I-330

For what may seem like a moment both D-503 and I-330 attained the happiness away from the rules and regulation of the One State, however after visiting the Benefactor D-503 returned to the preaching model citizen of the One State. Throughout the book we see glimpse of the ideology of both D-503 and I-330. From the first meeting between the two we saw a rebellious, independent, and headstrong spirit in I-330. As we read her opinions about the One State are revealed. I-330 showed D-503 a world outside logic and implanted the seed that eventually took root in D-503. I-330 valued happiness obtained by the individual, rather than a society where happiness is given. In the book I-330’s thoughts and actions were considered the “enemies of happiness” by the One State, but in reality it was the One State who was preventing the citizens from obtaining true happiness. D-503 started out as a strong advocator of the One State. His values relied on logic and rational decision without the influence of emotion or imagination. That changed slightly after he meets I-330. He no just relied on logical thought but now had a soul in which to make decision. The soul he gained allowed him to view the world in a different light, however almost as quickly as he gained it the Benefactor took it away from him. The soul was removed and D-503 went back to the logical man at the beginning of the book. During D-503 time with I-330 he was able to be open to the alternative way of thinking. He found himself, however he wasn't able to keep it.


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