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Taking a very general look at the book, I find that D-503 and I-330 are actually very much alike. They both are passionate about their causes, they're intelligent, and they both seem to observe a healthy love of beauty. The thing that sets them apart is the details of these items. D-503 is highly enthusiastic about the Integral, the One State, the Benefactor, and math as a whole. I-330 seems to be enthusiastic about loving life. She smokes, she drinks, she breaks rules, she wears revealing archaic clothing. D-503 is obviously very technically gifted, as he has been given the role to be the primary builder of the State's most important project, and I-330 is intelligent as well, but in a different way: she is very intelligent about people, how to manipulate them, how to convince them, and how to deceive them. Another difference is what they each consider beautiful. D-503 loves R-13's poem about the multiplication table, the other poets works about whatever, the bland music they play in the auditorium, and of course, his math. He also finds the absolute lack of freedom in the One State to be beautiful and perfect, and loves the thought of the State as a whole being perfect over the happiness of any individual.. I-330 is the antithesis of him in this way. She loves individual creativity, self-expression, spontanaity (sp?), and individualism in general.


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This is a very interesting way of looking at D-503 and I-330's ideologies that I would have never thought of. I put in my post that their ideologies were completely different, but you have pointed out a way to compare them. It is very true that both D-503 and I-330 are passionate, intelligent, and observe a love of beauty. I think that this was a unique way of interpreting the situation and it made me view their ideologies in a more complex way than my own.

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