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Zamyatin's presupositions are the same as the All Russian Writers Union. He hold true that a soul and an imagination are a good thing.

Using Burke's Dramtism:
Through the discovery of D 503 beging to dream and a doctor telling him that he ahs a soul the conflict of his rational mind and his creative mind begins. Both minds work together through the rest of the novel up to the point where his imagination is removed.

The society as a whole believe that the imagination is something that is nothing but as sickness that causes one to divert from the path to great happiness.

Th One State view the imagination as a way of the masses coming out side of thier control to question their way of life. They treat this a sickness that can be cured and corrected at an early age.


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Aside from the spelling and grammatical errors (which I'm sure you'll fix for the paper), your arguments look good. I think that maybe you should find some point to prove that is somewhat controversial, and support it with evidence.

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