Thursday, August 03, 2006

Claims on Prompt 3c

So, my main claims for my paper are going to be:

-Using Booth- The One State (benefactor/author of the bulletin) is engaging in Win-Rhetoric B, by convincing citizens of the state to undergo the operation. They know it is harmful to the people, but it preserves the general order of the One State, therefore they still post it.
-The One State is also engaging in Win-Rhetoric C because they know that what they are doing is really unjust, but it is profitable to them (to remain in absolute control) and therefore will use, as Booth says, "rhetrickery that appears to be honest".
-As Booth points out, "...rhetoric is just plain immoral: the speaker is cheating, lying, manipulating, deliberately distorting"-- this supports the claim that the One State was not acting ethically, which also suggests that they knowingly cause harm to the citizens.

Sherry and Rosa- please take a look and let me know what ya'll think. See ya next week--


Blogger Sherry said...

*Claim 1: I think this is good because the bulletin does go into very specific details in order to convince the citizens to get the operation, but what do you mean by harmful? Do you mean because the operation brainwashes them to be loyal citizens of the One State.

*Claim 2: I like this one because I think it hits exactly on the spot.

*Claim 3: Again what do you mean by harmful.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Rosa said...

Good Job! :)
I think the Booth's Win rhetoric works here with these bulletins, and you are able to show how.
Are you going to talk about how the audience recieves the bulletin? I think it would be beneficial.
Have a good weekend!

10:20 AM  

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