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-The soul and imagination, emotion and personality are all treated as illnesses because it is forbidden in the one-state. Ironically, these all dominate the right side of the brain hemisphere. So when they mean lobotomy, they must mean one half of your brain; ie, one half of your being.
-by portraying the one-state in a way that seems positive at first, Zamyatin is actually trying to convey the opposite. He is taking what was happening in his own russian government at the time, and greatly exaggerating it to show how wrong everything could turn out.
-Zamyatin intends to reach the audience at hand where maybe he could inspire a small glimmer of hope, the artists guild to prove his worthiness and make his point.


Blogger mina said...

I like all of your points. I think that you can get a good start with these ideas. I like in the first point about the right/left brain idea. You might want to find evidence elsewhere where you can find info about the it, so you can fill people in who don't know about what the difference is of the right/left brain. With the other two points, give us more details about the russian government at that time and about the artists guild. Tell us who they are and what about them are you agreeing and disagreeing. Hopefully these are some ideas that may be helpful.

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Blogger Peterpeterhaha said...

Hmm sounds like an interesting argument.
-I am interested in how you are going to develop the lobotomy stuff.
-I agree with what you say about the govt but it might be hard to connect it to the lobotomy? i dunno.. =P
-Do you think that is what Zamyatin is trying to do by writing this novel? what do you think his goals were?

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