Thursday, August 03, 2006

Claims 1B

FOR: Nick, Ami
FROM: Jordan

Claims for 1B:

1. Abnormality and sickness are one and the same in the context of this society.

2. D-503 recognizes changes in his own personality (i.e. individuality, creativity, imagination, etc.) and rationalizes this "rule breaking" by considering himself to be "ill".
--> incorporate Burke's Pentad here, as seen through the eyes of D-503

3. Imagination and soul need to be cured because diversity is not valued in the One State; rather, it is a deterrent from true happiness.

4. Zamyatin presumes individuality and creativity to be good and valuable things. (maybe in intro?? what do you think?)

Hope ya'll have a great day at home on the couch! ;)


Blogger Nick_sp said...

1. make sure to cite as much evidence as possible

2. be sure to address why he feels the need to rationalize this, and give evidence for why that is.

3. again, cite examples from the book.

4. give evidence for this as well, and then link this claim to why he has set up this "illness" dynamic.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Ami Herrera said...

I think that these claim are good. Like we discussed yesterday in class, make sure you think about what someone opposing your views would say to strengthen your arguments. I think that including Zamyatin's presuppositions is necessary for clarity in the paper and could possibly be done well in an introduction. Also I can see you are having a great day at home on the couch right now.

2:26 PM  

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