Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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Umm...is it just me or is it a typo in the blog prompt? Isn't her name I-330?
Anyways, comparing and contrasting D and I....they're like night and day.
I-330 is always trying to get D-503 to do something and test him, and just when he's thinking how bad and wrong it is and saying how he's not going to do it (meeting her at that house), he goes against his instinct and does it. He didn't report her to the Guardians for her misbehavior. He skipped work saying he was sick because of her. She is just a bad influence on the guy.
But on the up-side, at least she's making him realize that he's not like everyone else. Anyone else would not have any problem reporting her, but deep inside, D-503 likes a little adventure. He likes to veer from the norm from time to time. Afterall, he DOES have a soul.
The similarity is that they will both break rules, but the difference comes in with D-503's hesitation to break them sometimes. I-330 just basically walks around in the One State with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a flask in her hand. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration....but she doesn't have any issues with acting out and doing things that everyone considers to be "unacceptable".
But since they both aren't zombies like everyone else in the One State, they both just ultimately want to be happy (even though, as we discussed in the previous blog, this may be unattainable).


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