Tuesday, August 01, 2006

blog #9 Ideologies

D-503 and I-330 had different ideologies at the beginning of the book. D-503 was sucked into idolizing the One State. His beliefs were very straightforward with no intention of questioning anything he wasn't supposed to. D-503 believed that the One place is the perfect place to live because you had everything handed on a platter for you. You already have a place to live, a job, and a place where everyone was equal. On the other hand, I-330 was the complete opposite. She had a life outside the Green Wall and believed against the One State. She was the rebel that persuaded D-503 to question his beliefs. She believed that there were different ways in finding happiness and wanted D-503 to actually feel emotions and feel what happiness is instead of being told that you are happy. Even though they have different ideologies, they are quite similar as well. Both of their roles in the novel was that they had goals that they were both trying to achieve. D-503's goal was to let the "unknown" learn about the One State by writing every event and describing life there. I-330's goal was to show D-503 about the life outside of the Green Wall, and wanting to tear down the One State. In the end, they both reached their goals with D-503 finishing his entries, and I-330 exposing life outside of the Green Wall. But, D-503's entries showed all the flaws of the One State instead of this perfect world. I-330 did get to show D-503 life outside of the One State and made him see past the Green Wall, but failed in tearing down the One State.


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