Monday, August 07, 2006

blog 8/07

I have learned many new things about rhetorical writing this summer. I have learned to revise my writing in a way which I focus on capturing the readers attention. Previously, I never really thought capturing the readers attention was as important as i do now, and I have always written my introductions with the intention of setting up an organization for my paper, rather than trying to pull the readers into an interesting persuasive argument. Another important thing that I have learned is not to begin my papers with strong statements that may turn off readers from my writing. I have been so used to setting up my main points at the beginning of my paper that I have never thought about how this may affect someone reading my paper. I have learned to introduce my topic without making claims without evidence to support them. Another topic stressed in this class was to consider the arguments of the opposing side an incorporate this into your argument in the paper. This also helped me learn to make my papers more persuasive. For the most part, I have transformed my rhetorical analyses from simple analysis of an author's writing to analysis in a paper which is appealing to the intended audience.


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