Tuesday, August 01, 2006

blog 8/01

D-503 and I-330's ideologies are different throughout the book. D-503's life is ruled by logic and the One State's rules at first, and when he meets I-330, who does as she pleases, indulging in illegal desires, D-503 begins to have feelings and thoughts that he believes is a sickness. D-503 becomes more intrigued by I-330 and a life of imagination and breaking rules as the novel goes on, but he never believes that it is normal to have these feelings. I-330 lives her life smoking, drinking, and breaking other laws and find these things as natural, the One State laws with no guilt. D-503 however, believes that he is just sick and although he likes what I-330 is showing him, he never like I-330 believes that what is he doing is normal. It seemed to me that D-503 would eventually becomed like I-330, accepting his "sickness", but in the end his ideology remains the same. D-503 believes that life should be lived by reason, and that the One State is the correct way to live.


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