Tuesday, August 01, 2006

blog #8 happiness

I think the reason why Zamyatin made happiness the goal for the citizens of the One State because not everyone is happy. Happiness is a controversial emotion because I don't think people actually know the definition of happiness. We all have different meanings of happiness because we all view the word "happy" differently from one another based on our values, attitudes, and desires. I think that Zamyatin is trying to show us that sometimes people think they know what they want, but in actually dont know what they truly want. For example this story in the book. The One State is considered this perfect place where everyone should be happy with all the rules and living situation. However, a person like I-330 shows D-503 that she isn't happy with the One State. It's like people are sometimes tricked into believing in something and are blinded by the reality of it. In my opinion, I think that this can be explained in rhetorical terms because it had some effect on me. I got to thinking about life living in a utopian world and the life that we live in right now. I 've gotten to think about the pros and cons of both sides. I think that if Zamyatin were to choose a different criterion such as excellence, hard work, fullfillment, etc., I think that it would still be effective because it will be based on what everyone's opinions are of it, since we all are different.


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