Tuesday, August 08, 2006

blog #11 Reflections

At the beginning of the course, I didn't really know what this course was about. I knew that we would be reading novels and writing some type of paper about it. What I didn't know is that we would be writing persuasive argumentive papers. I was surprised that there were many types of of persuasion. For example, Aristotle's Rhetoric with his ethos, pathos, and logos; Austin's Speech Act Theory; Burke's Pentad; and Booth's method. Writing our papers have been quite challenging for me. I didn't seem to understand the concept of a rhetorical analysis with The Republic. It showed in my writing because I found The Republic a hard book to understand. It was difficult to know what Plato was trying to get at. However, I enjoyed the book, We, so much more because it was easier to read. The story became more interesting as Zamyatin's fictional story connected with his own life experience. It was fun finding out the message that he tried to get across. I've noticed that with both books, the subject was about utopian societies. One showed us the arguments and persuasions of wanting a utopian society. The other showed us a perfect society, but brought us persuasions and arguments of whether it is considered perfect or not. Overall, I believe that my understanding of writing and rhetoric has improved considering the time restraint of this course.


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