Wednesday, August 02, 2006

1b claims

things i will do, in no particular order, in this paper:

-set up a Burkean Pentad from D-503s point of view to illustrate his state of mind.

-show that Zamyatin dislikes the One State, and all things that are in agreement with it.

-show why D-503 is trying to rationalize his imagination.

-show why imagination and the soul are considered illnesses in the One State.

-give insight into why Zamyatin sets up this dynamic based on his historical context.

-support my speculations as to who this would influence.


Blogger Jordan said...

Well seeing as how we're doing the same prompt...

- When showing that Zamyatin dislikes the One State, you might want to incorporate what we discussed in class about satire. I think that would be a really good basis for an argument about his opinion of this society.

- I like that you're showing the historical context to why Zamyatin wrote 'We', I think this will support your argument that he dislikes the One State (and all things in agreement with it). Maybe combine these two ideas into one argument to strengthen it?

- I would probably show examples from the text of when D-503 is rationalizing his imagination as an "illness"--> there are definately some concrete quotes that would be beneficial in supporting your argument that his is rationalizing his imagination. Keep in mind that he is doing so to an intended audience of those receiving the Integral.

Hope this helps...


1:28 PM  
Blogger Ami Herrera said...

I understand what you are trying to write about and I think that it is going to be a good paper based on what we discussed yesterday in class, but I think that these claims need more development. They are exactly specific in saying what exactly you are trying to prove. I think you have done a good job thinking about every question on the prompt.

2:31 PM  

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