Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Zamyatins Use of Math

In the One State, math is law. Everything that is done in the peoples' daily lives is according the the Table, which also is based on the laws of math. I think Zamyatin uses math as a "blinder" to the people of the One State. I think that he is trying to show the readers that a strict belief in one thing, whether its math, or religion, or anything, leads to a closed-mind. If this 'blinder' as I put it, is lifted, people begin to see things from a new perspective, just like D-503 begins to finally understand emotion after falling for I-330. Also, like humans, math has its inherent imperfections, which can also be applied to any absolute belief that people hold to be true. The point Zamyatin is trying to make, is that we as intelligent humans have the responsibility to question our surroundings, and the people around us, to make sure that we don't fall subject to the totalitarianism of the One State.


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