Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Zamyatin's Goals

At first, I was not entirely sure of Zamyatin's goals. His unique way of describing things completely set me off from the negative undertones I think he was striving for. I believe that, because this one-state is so controlled, individuality discouraged, he wants to show that he's for the opposite. I think that Xamyatin strives for individuality and to live in a society that praises it. He is taking the stress and sorrow of his times in Russia and magnifying it in a twisted way to accurately portray his true thoughts on the matter. He doesn't want to be controlled...he's afraid of what the revolution will bring. His characters, especially I-330 and D-503 are multi-layered and seem rich in character. I am not too sure what he will do yet with these characters and what the purpose is for them.


Blogger Wei Wei Wu said...

I agree with you.. I think Zamyatin is trying to portray the situation during the revolution in Russia in which he witnessed and became dissatisfied about.. He writes about what life was like, though in a science fiction genre .. he may have exaggerated with the use of character and setting.. but it may be what Russia was like.. a communist state, where individuality is discouraged, and everyone has to conform to the central government.. I think he writes it in a science fiction genre to avoid direct opposition and punishment by the government in Russia maybe? I think this novel has a similar purpose to the Animal Farm by George Orwell.

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Blogger Peterpeterhaha said...

I have been reading this book trying to imagine if this society would work but the way Zamyatin portrays this place makes it seem like a hell hole.

Hmm I agree with wei wei that this may have been a way to share his thoughts without feeling the threat of punishment. I wonder people of his time took this book seriously.

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