Monday, July 17, 2006

Women's Equality

For the most part I think that Socrates of a woman’s place in the city is was a good idea because he made it to where women are equal to men. Women are allowed to do the same things as men. I am glad that he says that women and men both can both be guardians. He made it to where men and women can work side by side and he made it where women were not stuck in kitchen and caring for the children.
I did not like him continually saying that women can do the same thing but in cases like war women’s jobs will be easier because they are weaker. I know some women that are far stronger than men. Every man is not as strong as people tend to think that all men are and not all women are weaker than men.
The whole family thing was a bit confusing. They said that no one would know who their parents and children were, but then he goes and says that you can not marry in your family. His whole little explanation about who is considered your family I did not follow at all.
I think that the city does have the characteristics of a utopia. To me a utopia is a happy place where everyone lives in harmony together. Socrates description of the city seems like it will be a lovely place for everyone. The only part that bothers me about the city is that people won’t know who their real children are. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing because you can pick your own family using whatever way Socrates said in the book.


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I like how Socrates says that they should have the opportunity to do other things than care for the family too.
I like how Socrates describes the city as a place where everyone can take care of eachother. I think that will ensure the younger people to have a great education because its like the saying "it takes a village to raise a child". Imagine if you really took that literally the possiblities the child will have.

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