Monday, July 17, 2006

Women and Utopia

Socrate's thoughts that women are capable of doing the same things as men really suprised me. I was expecting to hear him talk about a women's place in the home but was blown away when I read that he believed that if a woman was educated and treated the same as a man they were more than capable of being an equal in society. Because women are treated a certain way- they are a certain way. He then says that it may seem silly at first but all great ideas were thought of a silly in the beginning.
Utopia is a place that is thought of as imaginary because the society is supposed to be perfect- something that is impossible to accomplish. Socrate's idea of this type of equality was so crazy at this time it would fit really well into the idea of utopia an imaginary, impossible place. This idea of equality between men and women is very recent in the whole large spectrum of history. For Socrates to be talking about this in such an early time is amazing.


Blogger Matt Giani said...

You know, I definitely didn't agree when Socrates described women as being "inferior to men" and everything, but in the context of the time period his belief that men and women at least have the potential to be equal is even more progressive than some societies today. Men and women do have obvious innate differences, and since men have physically dominated the planet for most of history it makes sense that someone in that time period could view these differences through the lens of an hierarchial structure, but simply his belief that they can be equal is pretty astounding for B.C. times.

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Blogger mina said...

I agree with your post. I was surprised myself to Socrates view on women. I wouldn't have guessed that he would say that women and men would be equal especially in that time period. If you think about it, he is a wise man to have the guts to say it. Yes, men and women are different physically, but women have the capabilities to do things as men. So, I agree with Socrates that women should have the same education and political views as men.

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