Monday, July 17, 2006

The Woman's Place

In a time when not many stood up for women and women certainly could not stand up for themselves, I commend Socrates for pointing out the obvious. Women deserve equal treatment, this includes education and work opportunities. Socrates' description of women is very utopian. The idea of equality for both sexes will only better a society. Why put a handicap on half the people in a society when all are capable? While they still view women as the "weaker sex", at least they realize that women are capable of the same jobs and tasks as men. Although, if women are capable of performing the same tasks as men, it is contradictory to think they are still the "weaker sex." A utopian society would always work toward bettering their society and making desicions based on what's best for all. Having equal opportunites and treating everyone with the same amount of respect definitely helps a society reach their goal of success. Holding people back from education just because of their sex is not utopian-like and not practical. As stated earlier, why have five educated people when you could have ten. It just makes sense that the more educated the society, the more capable they are of making desicions that work toward a more perfect society, a utopian society.


Blogger mina said...

I totally agree with you on this post. I liked how you stated your first sentence. It seemed like Socrates was the first feminist. =) It did really surprise me on what Socrates felt about women especially in that time period. Besides our physical features, women do have the same capabilities and men. So, why not the same equality, education and political views? Women have come a long way slowly rising to the top, but it still feels like a man's world.

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